STEM Fellowship is a Canadian charitable organization that cultivates innovative methods of knowledge sharing among the data-native generation of students, educators, and the innovation community with the focus on:

  • Open Data and AI Inquiry and Experiential Learning
  • Empowerment and engagement of underrepresented in STEM categories of students through Peer-learning and Peer-mentorship 
  • Open Science Communication for All.

Our goal is the advancement of education by promoting Open Data and AI-based inquiry and knowledge acquisition.

To create equitable learning opportunities, connections and experiences for students to develop modern skills for the digital age.

STEM Fellowship is a community of students, educators & industry that creates opportunities for peer learning and Open Science. STEM Fellowship helps students develop new skills to analyse and learn from enormous amount of data around them and become agents of change. It is achieved by fostering independent student learning outside the traditional classroom.

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Future STEM Leaders:

Advance your social impact. Learn how you or your organization can be part of the movement that generates Canada’s future STEM talent.
Support the leaders of tomorrow by providing students across Canada with unique inquiry-based, experiential learning opportunities.

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We create opportunities for students to receive personalized mentorship and to develop skills in data analytics, lab research, science communication, experimental physics, cybersecurity, and interdisciplinary science.
Explore our selection of programs and see how we employ unique pedagogical approaches to develop future STEM talent.

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Since 2015, we have created a community of volunteers that is invested in the success of future generations of students. From coast to coast, STEM Fellowship is a place where volunteers form valuable connections, learn from each other, and give back to their community—whether that’s at the local, provincial, or national level. Find a role that inspires you